Crossing King’s Cross, 1996 by Magdalena Jetelovà

The King’s Cross section of central London has been significantly marked by its industrial past dating from the 18th century. This part of London, comprised of a network of industrial plants and warehouses and traversed by railway tracks and canals, is set to become a modern urban crossroad.

The former modernity of the railway station of 1850 and visible traces of the then dynamic development of the area are perceived today as time which has stopped. The past of King’s Cross is represented by abandoned industrial buildings and old railway operations; its future consists of modern transport and communication technology. The present is a transitory period, a kind of “no man’s time”.

A laser beam indicating the future line of the TGV railway in the existing landscape links the physically present past without real action and the so far virtual future, a direct path of the speed of the light replaces half-time life. Photography changes into a new form afforded by the speed of the train.

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